Health Screening on World Malaria Day at Oboadaka a Success!

Health Screening on World Malaria Day at Oboadaka a Success!

April 25, 2022 which was globally observed as World Malaria Day, saw the much anticipated Health Screening and Educational Fair at Oboadaka, in the Akwapim South District in the Eastern Region organised by Esse Quam Videri, witnessing community members and children participating in the screening of malaria.

The event saw a host of volunteers who contributed in making the programme a success. All children under the age of 13 who were screened were treated with face-painting to entertain and leave good memories with them. The programme, organised by Esse Quam was partnered by Community Impact Volunteers Ghana (CIVOG) and SOMPA Africa, two organisations whose activities are geared towards helping individuals and communities in improving their lives.

A total of 78 individuals were successfully screened. Out of this number, the 12 who tested positive were all referred to the health center for further care and attention.

Mosquito nets were donated by Esse Quam to help reduce and prevent the cases of malaria in the community. In support, SOMPA Africa and CIVOG donated some used clothes to the community. In response, the health director in charge of the CHPS compound, Mr. Senaya Mensah, expressed gratitude to Esse Quam for the initiative, and expressed anticipation of seeing more of such activities to help members in the community.

Parents, and especially mothers in the community were also advised to prevent their children from being infected with the malaria parasite by sleeping in mosquito treated nets, and to perform tests anytime there was the suspicion of any symptoms of malaria.

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