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COVID 19 update:

We are aware of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its global impact. Our programme of activities for 2023 and next year are ongoing, and we are monitoring the situation carefully and will update all volunteers on any information that becomes available

What is EQUIP ?

The Esse Quam Ultimate Internship Programme – (EQUIP) is a model designed for students and college graduates who wish to extend their skills, time and experience in improving the lives of people by physically contributing to a project. These projects may sometimes be a partnership between Esse Quam and an organisation.

This is open to people from any geographical location around the globe, who are willing and ready to offer their professional services, or dedicate some time off their busy schedule to a project, by traveling to Ghana or other parts of the world.


International Volunteers are taken through specific steps and guidelines to aid and assist them during the tenure of their volunteerism.


It requires the EQUIPed participant to move from their home region to a location, and thus may require traveling around the world to a specific location where a project is being carried out.


For professional individuals who seek to contribute their time, skills, resources, and experience, we encourage you to join our Volunteer programme.

Become "EQUIPed"

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