COVID 19 update:

We are aware of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its global impact. Our programme of activities for 2024 and next year are in ongoing, and we are monitoring the situation carefully and will update all volunteers on any information that becomes available

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Our Volunteer programme is designed for professionals willing to contribute their experience, time, energy, skills, etc, that is directed towards any project under our programmes.


There are numerous volunteering opportunities available for our programmes, as a facilitator or coordinator. You can volunteer for the role of a Medical practitioner, Carpenter, Teacher, Painter, Seamstress, Accountant, Nurse, Graphic designer, Baker, Cook, Dietician, Electrician, Mason, Safety and Security officer, Plumber, Cleaner, Videographer, Management Consultant, etc, or as General Volunteer to assist in any field.

*The minimum volunteering period is 30 days. We advice you to update and/or adjust your personal schedule before applying.

For individuals who will want to have an internship programme with us, the Esse Quam Ultimate Internship Programme – (EQUIP) has been carefully designed for students and college graduates who wish to extend their skills, time and experience in improving the lives of people by physically contributing to a project.

You can also volunteer as a facilitator by clicking here.

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