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Learn More about Esse Quam Videri

In an attempt to offer you quick answers to some questions you may ask, we have put together a brief list of FAQ’s with respective answers.

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How can I support ?

You can support us by buying our merchandise, making a donation or providing us with information that can lead to us getting a grant or sponsorship.

I'm in a foreign land, can I volunteer?

Yes, volunteering at EsseQuam is open to all nationalities. You can volunteer here.

How long can I volunteer?

There is no limit to the amount of days you can volunteer but the minimum days you can volunteer for are 30 days.

What is EQUIP ?

EQUIP also Esse Quam Ultimate Internship Programme is a programme that has been carefully designed for students and college graduates who wish to extend their skills, time and experience in improving the lives of people by physically contributing to a project. You can apply to join here.

How are my donations used?

We have numerous projects that need support from donors and your donations are used to support them wherever the need is greatest based on, priority and other factors.

Where can I get merchandise?

You can get EsseQuam merchandise from our online shop on our website. Visit our shop here.

Can I submit a suggestion ?

Yes, please feel free to share a tip, suggestion or an idea with us here.

What projects do you embark on ?

We embark on projects which are derived and based on our programmes. These programmes are formulated and geared towards supporting and assisting some selected global SDGs.

What are your key focus areas ?

Our key focus areas are General wellbeing, Economic empowerment, the Environment and Technological Advancements.

Do you partner on projects ?

Yes, Essequam forms strategic partnerships and works on projects with corporations, other non-profit organisations, colleges, and universities.

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