Esse Quam Videri, aims at building a better and more sustainable world. Our programmes are geared towards supporting communities in achieving the SDGs, especially in deprived areas.

Our vision is to see a better, fairer and a more sustainable world where everyone has enough of everything to live.

...change starts with you, be the change you want to see...

Esse Quam Videri, aims at building a better, fairer and more sustainable world in the areas of General wellbeing, Economic empowerment, the Environment and Technological Advancements.


Our programmes are formulated to advance humanity in all spheres of life, and geared towards supporting communities in achieving the SDGs, especially in developing countries.

– Our Focus Areas –


Skills development, Training, Education, Local economies


Technology, Innovations,
Internet Of Things (iOT)


Clean, Green & Renewable energy,
Climate Issues, Afforestation


Food availability, Safe water, Good health provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs...


You can take action;

by Volunteering

You can volunteer by contributing your professional skills, time, experience and energy for a project, or as a facilitator which will go a long way to create a lasting impression and effect on the world.

by Partneering

We work with corporations, other non-profit organisations, colleges, and universities by partnering for specific projects that empower people with skills and opportunities to create a more sustainable world.

by Donating

Sponsorships and donations of physical items, or cash of any amount from individuals and organisations willing to support our cause are accepted. Donors can select public or private acknowledgment.

Become a volunteer. You’ll feel the benefits instantly !

Take action and become a Volunteer


There are numerous volunteering opportunities available for our programmes, as a facilitator or coordinator.


You can volunteer for the role of a Medical practitioner, Carpenter, Teacher, Painter, Lawyer, Seamstress, Accountant, Nurse, Farmer, Geologist, Graphic designer, Baker, Cook, Dietician, Engineer, Architech, Electrician, Healthcare professional, Photographer, Mason, Safety and Security officer, Plumber, Cleaner, Videographer, Management Consultant, etc, or as General Volunteer to assist in any field.

Our Partners helping us make a difference

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