Our Programmes for Sustainability

General Wellbeing

Food availability, Good health, Water & Sanitation - SGDs: 2,3,6

We believe that Good health, quality food and potable water are basic needs which contribute to the wellbeing of people. 


The need to make these available in abundance is important to achieve a better, fairer and a more sustainable world.

Economic Empowerment

Education, Gender Balance, Training & Skills Development, Local economies - SGDs: 4,5,8

When people are well equipped with skills through training and education,  their economic power increases.


This helps them to survive under any condition, and also serves as a vehicle to create solutions through products and services that impart their lives and that of others.

Environmental Activities

Green energy, Afforestation, Climate Related issues -
SGDs: 7,13,15

Our planet is our home, and our home is our planet. Humans are always discovering new sources of energy to be productive.


Aligning our activities for affordable and clean energy, and at same time protecting the environment is a shared responsibility.

Technological Advancements

Technology, Innovations, Internet Of Things (iOT) -
SGDs: 9,11,12

Technological advancements have helped in improving the lives of individuals, societies and communities, corporations, etc in the area of food and medicine, production and manufacture, agriculture,  transport and engineering, and all other aspects of human life.


Technology driven innovations has led to a lot of solutions in all these areas. It has also given birth to other discoveries which has been a great benefit for us today. 

The internet, satellite transmissions, fibre optics, robotics, electric cars, smart devices, are just a few to mention.

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